Our skilled technicians at BowPC can make computer repairs on virtually any type or brand of computer. We begin the repair process by troubleshooting to determine the exact cause of the problem. Once the problem is located, technicians will make a diagnosis and find a workable solution to remedy it. We can make repairs on Apple products as well as PCs. Our expert technicians at BowPC are professionals with many decades of experience behind them. This ensures consumers that there is a short turnaround time on most computer repairs.


We provide FREE ESTIMATES and very competitive prices for quality laptop repair service. Our experienced laptop repair technicians specialize in all makes and models of laptops and notebooks motherboard repair at component level. Especially for LCD screen repair or replacement and DC power jack repair or replacement, we can offer While You Wait or Same Day Service. If you decide not to proceed the repair of your laptop, we will pay you cash to buy it and return your hard drive or transfer data for you.



At our Internet Cafe you will find services such as, High speed Internet access, scanning, word processing, printing , supporting services like Fax, laminating, binding, & more other services. We are open every day in week from 9AM to 8PM .

Small Business IT Services

  • IT Support Contracts
    We manage your everyday maintenance associated with keeping your computer environment up and running. Have your internal IT staff focus on more strategic issues that will allow you to run your business more efficiently. In a nutshell, have the high-priced talent focus on the tough stuff and leave the mundane issues to someone else.
  • Office 365
    We can equip your business with robust Office 365 solutions powered by Microsoft’s cutting-edge cloud platform. With Office 365, you and your employees can collaborate more efficiently by sharing, viewing, and editing files online, in real time. 
  • Online Backup
    CLOUD services are monitored, updated, and provide a higher level of reliability. Add additional processing and storage while ensuring compatibility with your existing CLOUD infrastructure.
  • Wireless Problems
    Secure and scalable wireless networks are no longer a luxury, but an essential for offices, venues, restaurants and public spaces. While we’re able to work easily with wireless solutions from most major vendors.
  • Network Security
    Keep your Network safe and secure and minimize the risks to your computer network security and the resulting disruption to your business with our comprehensive solutions for viruses, spam, adware, pop ups, spyware, and content filtering.
  • Networking
    To design networks one needs to understand the business objectives and the appropriate networking technology to meet those objectives. At the same time the network design should address the scalability to accommodate future needs, performance and most importantly the associated cost.
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We provide exceptional quality online remote computer support services and professional computer repairs on demand in London. We offer secure online remote support as well as onsite support for your convenience.


Drivers &

Outdated, missing or corrupt PC Drivers can cause various problems with your computer and devices. The most common problems include no sound on computer, problems with graphics cards, printers not printing, bluetooth connection problems or USB devices not working.



You can chat one-on-one with a Technical Support Representative 24/7 by clicking Chat box on-screen and following the instructions.Phone support is offered 24/7 to our customers . Click Contact Us to find the phone numbers.